Recent chapter occurrences

June 15-19, 2018

Two of our members, Debbie Bertram and Reni Baker, met in Sweetwater to volunteer for the 2018 Air Race Classic start activities! Below are comments from Debbie Bertram about the experience:

“I had an awesome time in Sweetwater Friday-Tuesday. Below are pics from Saturday when Reni and I drove golf carts to transport racers back and forth from registration in one of the WASP hangars  (pics 1 & 2), the FBO and the credentialing room in the TSTC (Texas State Technical College). The windsock behind # 57 shows how strong the winds were blowing.  Note the well-placed wind farm on the horizon. It is not every day that you get to drive a golf cart on taxiways and across runways!”

“Saturday night, Reni and I attended the BBQ and rodeo. We enjoyed watching the kids in pic riding sheep. Unfortunately, the clown had a mishap preparing for his show, was injured in a backstage explosion and ended up in a burn unit. A collection was taken to help pay medical expenses at the banquet on Sunday. The Fifinella cake was served at the banquet. Fifinella was the WASPs’ official gremlin mascot, created by Walt Disney. Tuesday’s sunrise cast a glow on the aircraft awaiting takeoff and the windsock shows how calm it was for the last minute aircraft prep.”

“More from takeoff morning. The last pic shows cars of the many Sweetwater residents who came to watch the planes takeoff.  As you may know, weather along the route resulted in cancellation of about 5 of the scheduled route stops.”

We wish more of our members had been able to attend, but we’re grateful to both Debbie and Reni for representing our chapter while they were there! Make plans to volunteer yourself next year!

June 2, 2018

Members Debbie Bertram and Lacee Law met up and carpooled to the San Marcos Regional Airport (KHYI), for the Stephanie Nichols’ classic airplane and car drive-in/fly-in!

Both members enjoyed walking around and viewing the several aircraft on static display, plus all the cars that happened to be there as well. 😉

Additionally the ladies were privileged to watch the C-47 “That’s All Brother” taxi and takeoff, and listen to a reenactment of the D-Day Normandy invasion that the plane participated in. Here’s an article from Flying magazine that briefly explains the airplane’s role in the historic event.

Flying magazine article

You can watch our videos of “That’s All Brother” taxi and takeoff using the google drive link below:

C-47 taxi and take-off

We look forward to participating in more events like this in the future. Feel free to suggest/recommend any ideas to your chapter of events you’re interested in at our next chapter meeting, or by utilizing the website contact submission form.

Blue skies!


May 5, 2018

Five of our members were able to coordinate a flight/drive up to the Fredericksburg airport to welcome our newest member, Sidney Richey! It was a beautiful, “severe clear VFR” day, and we all enjoyed delicious food at the airport diner as well as (of course) watching airplanes!

We hope to plan similar events like this in the near future! Below is the link to a photo gallery of the all the fun! You can check your monthly newsletter and the San Antonio 99s google calendar to be notified of the next time we plan a get-together like this!

Google photo gallery of the day courtesy of Cheryl Mora!


April 30, 2018

Additionally, we’d like to collectively congratulate our chapter’s newest commercial pilot, Elizabeth Robertson! She recently passed her commercial ASEL FAA checkride on April 22, 2018! Hope to see you soon Elizabeth, at an upcoming chapter event or meeting so we can celebrate with you properly!


April 30, 2018

New updates from the chapter! Ms. Denise has brought home her new baby {airplane}, and has chosen the name!

From Denise on April 17, 2018:

“Flew the airplane home yesterday from Denver. BTW, she has a name. Alexis (my daughter) called the airplane a diva because she’s going to be high-maintenance. Last week the head of the Cincinnati Zoo was commenting on what a diva Fiona, the hippopotamus who was born premature, is … at which time it hit me … the airplane’s new name is Fiona! Welcome home Fiona!!”

We are all thrilled for Denise’s bird to get settled in her new home in San Antonio! There’s talk of having a hangar party…stay tuned for more details!



April 2, 2018

Denise Pride, one of our active members, is in the midst of purchasing her very own 2013 Cirrus SR-20!

From Denise:

“My daughter calls her Ms. Diva because, like most airplanes, she’s high maintenance requiring a lot of attention and money.”

Ms. Diva is just a preliminary nickname until Denise gets to know her a bit better. 😉

Here are some of the pictures and videos that she’s sent us!

The videos can not be uploaded to the site, so here’s the link to those on google drive:

Denise Pride’s Cirrus

IMG_1359-1N318DEN318DE instrument panelN318DE freq. and PFD:MFD selectorN318DE power quadrant


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  1. Awesome aircraft!!! Congrats Denise!!


  2. Awesome! You are living my dream!


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