Scholarship application

Unfortunately, the chapter will not be providing a flight scholarship for the year 2019.

Throughout the year, the chapter will strive to raise funds in order to provide a higher award in 2020!

Any members or associate members of The Ninety-Nines, Inc. in the state of Texas are eligible to apply. This application must be typewritten or printed neatly. A short personal letter stating aviation goals, what progress has been made toward these goals, and why a scholarship is needed must accompany this application. The applicant must also agree to send a progress report to the San Antonio Chapter 99s by the end of the year after receiving the scholarship.

Below is a link to the appropriate form to send for application.

99s Scholarship Application, San Antonio Chapter

Send completed application to:

Pat Ditsch|1239 County Road 341|Hondo, TX 78861-7010

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