Scholarship Application

The San Antonio Chapter 99s has a $1000 scholarship for flight training to be awarded to any 99s member or associate member in the state of Texas. Our scholarship is for any type of flight training. This scholarship can be used for primary training, for recurrent training or to work on a higher rating. There are no restrictions on the level of training for the applicant.

This application must be typewritten or printed neatly. A short personal letter stating aviation goals, what progress has been made toward these goals, and why a scholarship is needed must accompany this application. The applicant must also agree to send a progress report to the San Antonio Chapter 99s by the end of the year after receiving the scholarship.

Please fill out the following information or leave blank questions that don't apply.

City & State______________________________________________________________
Home phone__________________________ Work phone_________________________
Cell phone__________________________
Email address_____________________________ Date joined 99s_____________
Present rating held (if any)______________________________________
Class & Date of Medical_______________________________________
Total Hours_______________ Hours flown last 12 months_________________
Applicant is a member of which Texas Chapter 99s___________________________
Or applicant is a member at large, Yes_____ No______
Annual household income_________________________
Identify all other aviation scholarships received _____________________________

I certify that the above statements and all information in the application are true and correct

Applicant Signature______________________________ Date________________

Deadline for receiving completed application this year is May 15th.

Send completed application to:

Marty Goppert
17224 Rock Falls
San Antonio, TX 78248

Winner will be notified in June.